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 What is the AGCEEP?
 The High Council
 How can I contribute?
 AGCEEP Mission Statement
What is the AGCEEP?

Soon after the release of Europa Universalis II a group of enthusiasts started the "Event Exchange Project". The purpose of the EEP was to provide players with additional historic events. It also provided what-if events for countries usually doomed to obliteration, like the Byzantine Empire.

Eventually a great schism arose within the EEP causing the "Alternative Grand Campaign" Project to split off from the EEP. The AGC Project sought to also include more historical events and focused on providing more options to allow players to play the version of the Grand Campaign that they wanted to. Eventually the EEP and the AGC were able to put aside their differences and recombine their efforts into the AGCEEP Project.

The AGCEEP has created a large set of new events, modified many existing events, and added or modified leaders, monarchs, graphics, AI files and scenario setup. The AGCEEP has also taken on other mods as part of it such as Alun's Reformation Mod and Peter Ebbesen's Manpower Mod as well as the AI files of Daywalker's greatest AI mod.

Finally, thanks are due to all the people who contributed to this project.

Thanks to Paradox for creating this wonderful game.

Several years after the AGCEEP project was begun, some of its leaders became involved with the For the Glory project. After FTG's release, the AGCEEP project languished for a number of years without a leader. Finally during FTG's 1.3 beta patch series, one of the former High Council stepped up to create an update to AGCEEP that would keep the original vision while incorporating many of the new features found in FTG 1.3.

Disclaimer: The AGCEEP is not supported in any way by Paradox. Moreover, the AGCEEP and its creators bear no responsibility for any potential problems you might experience while using the AGCEEP.

The High Council

The High Council is a group of frequent contributors that have come together to administrate and lead the mod to perfection.

The members are:
    Mad King James

Role of HC member:
  1. Work in compiling, testing, implementing changes and getting new versions out for download.
  2. Oversee and coordinate across the whole project to ensure progress, good atmosphere, openness, willingness to accept outside work and the achievement of common goals.
  3. Make sure all changes to be implemented in project have been previously disclosed and have the a fair opportunity of being discussed.
  4. Help in setting guiding principles and general standards for the project that is acceptable to the community.
  5. Preserve the overall coherence, consistency, playability and balance in the project by ensuring that additions comply with the guiding principles and general standards for the project.
  6. Arbitrate disputes or issues arising within the project when it undermines the work of the HC in implementing changes, or leading, overseeing, coordinating the progress, good atmosphere and openness across the whole project.
  7. Ensure that the number of HC members do not fall below a minimum to be agreed.
  8. Perform all the above functions with efficiency, skill and diligence by working as a team that can get together fast and make solid and efficient decisions.
New members of the HC are nominated by current HC members and the vote for inclusion needs to be unanimous.

How can I contribute?

This is not an elitist club. Anyone is free to participate and contribute as much as he or she wants to. The most basic level of participation is simply reading and posting in threads that you find interesting. If you want to do more, you can either start a new thread covering your preferred focus area (unless one exists already). Playtesting and input is needed, encouraged and appreciated!

To actually get something in after it's been discussed, use this thread: AGCEEP: Submissions

AGCEEP Mission Statement (or This is the goal of AGCEEP)

The purpose of this mission statement is to outline a set of common goals that represents what the AGCEEP in general wishes to achieve, so that those who come here will know what to look for and what to expect; gameplay that is historically accurate while supporting historically plausible alternatives, throughout the 1419-1820 timeframe.
  1. The AGCEEP recognizes historical accuracy to be any and all issues of historical circumstance, realism or dynamics that maintain or facilitate historical outcome.

  2. The AGCEEP strives to produce historical accuracy for all AGCEEP states with a demonstrably high probability, the value of which to be determined in the appropriate regional thread, or the HC if requested. A proposed addition that advances its own regional issue to the recognizable detriment of another regional issue will not be implemented.

  3. The AGCEEP produces historical accuracy through the implementatation of realistic initial conditions, and event paths that represent realistic choices that facilitate historical outcomes. Highly deterministic implementations are used provided strong historical justification exists, or less deterministic correlates have failed to produce historical accuracy with high probabiblity. The value of which to be determined by the regional threads, or HC if requested.

  4. The AGCEEP concentrates on intense historical and game-play analyses to develop any and all additions and modifications, and is not intended to be the most challenging mod possible. While we strive to make gameplay challenging, historical considerations take precedence.

  5. The AGCEEP implements a plausible alternative historical addition provided the magnitude or duration of reduction to historical accuracy is demonstrably low. The value of which to be determined in the appropriate regional thread, or the HC if requested.

  6. The AGCEEP improves AI performance by customizing AI and swapping customized AI files in-game to maintain or improve historical accuracy. Provided such measures fail, AI-only counterpart events may be employed to address a consistent AI shortcoming. AI-only help events that lack historical justification, or produce distinct event paths, are strongly disfavoured.

  7. The AGCEEP strives for consistency and maintenance of standards across regions, provided such consistency does not interfere with historical accuracy.

  8. The AGCEEP is consensus driven. The purpose of the discussion threads is to establish a consensus about changes under consideration. Issues should not be brought to the HC until it is clear that a consensus cannot be reached.