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Triggered (1462-1465, 1466-1466): Cessation of Astrakhan for Astrakhan

Astrakhan — Not random

Will happen within 10 days of January 2, 1449
Checked again every 10 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after December 31, 1819)


The integrity of the Golden Horde suffered yet another blow when Khan Mahmud, the ruler of the rich city of Astrakhan, declared independence in 1459.


A. We control our own destiny!

  • Break vassalization with Golden Horde
  • Break vassalization with Crimea
  • +10000 cavalry in the capital province
  • -250 relations with Golden Horde
  • -50 relations with Muscovy
  • -50 relations with Russia
  • -50 relations with Crimea