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1461-1483: Mahmud Pasha marches on Sinop for Candar

Candar — Not random


  • The following must not occur:
    • Country has at least 2 non-colonial provinces
  • Ottoman Empire and Candar are at war

Will happen within 30 days of November 1, 1461
Checked again every 30 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after November 1, 1483)


In 1461, the grand vezir, Mahmud Pasha, marched on Sinop with the support of a rival prince of Candar. Skilled at diplomacy, Mahmud invited the reigning prince, Abu'l Hasan Ismail, to surrender the city peacefully, with the promise that his family would go unharmed and he would be granted a governership elsewhere in the Empire. He cautioned Ismail that should he refuse to comply, the city fortifications would not withstand the powerful assembled army. Mehmet appointed Ahmed as the governor of Kastamonu and Sinop, only to revoke Ahmed's appointment the following year.


A. A generous offer (End Game)

  • Lose 5000 troops in a random province
  • Lose 5000 troops in a random province
  • Event 301130 - Candar submits for Ottoman Empire is triggered immediately

B. Continue to hold out

  • -500 population in Kastamonu
  • Infrastructure tech investment: -100
  • Trade tech investment: -200
  • -2 national manpower