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1682-1683: The City on the Silk Road for Chagatai Khanate

Chagatai Khanate — Not random


  • Own Tian Shan
  • Control Tian Shan

Will happen within 300 days of January 2, 1682
Checked again every 300 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after January 2, 1683)


A new dynasty has come to power in our nation, and they feel that moving the capital would be a good way to symbolize the break with the old rulers. Kashgar, the great city on the Silk Road, would be most suitable as the new capital. Shall we move?


A. Yes, it is a fine idea

  • Move capital to Tian Shan
  • Centralization +1
  • Stability -2
  • -200 gold
  • Trade tech investment: +1000

B. No, we are fine where we are

  • Centralization -1
  • Stability +2