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1425-1500: Return to the Old Ways for Dahomey

Dahomey — Not random


  • The following must not occur:
    • Centralization is at 5 or higher
  • Country has at least 5 non-colonial provinces
  • Country is controlled by AI

Will happen within 1000 days of January 2, 1425
Checked again every 1000 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after January 2, 1500)


The Dahomey were a primitive people compared to their neighbors. Although they were fierce warriors they were only fair administrators. When their empire grew too large to control directly they did as West Africans had done for centuries - let conquered people rule themselves so long as they sent tribute.


A. Demand tribute from our foes

  • +50 gold
  • Grant independence to Timbuktu
  • Grant independence to Songhai
  • Grant independence to Mossi
  • Grant independence to Hausa
  • Grant independence to Ashanti

B. This is the beginning of a new empire!

  • Centralization +1
  • Innovativeness +1
  • Stability -3
  • A random province revolts