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1500-1819: Independence of Perak for Perak

Perak — Not random


Will happen within 360 days of January 2, 1500
Checked again every 360 days until trigger is met (cannot happen after December 31, 1819)
unless prevented by
Action B of 60008 - The Fall of Malacca for Malacca


Following the capture of Malacca by Portuguese in 1511, and their subsequent defeat of Mahmud Shah in 1526, once powerful Empire of Mallacca collapsed. Mahmud Shah was forced to retreat far South to Johor where he founded his new capital, while the former possessions of Empire north of Malacca became independent in 1528, when an exiled son of Mahmud Shah, Muzaffar, was invited by a ruler of Perak, Sultan Mughal, to ascend the throne and form a new dynasty.


A. Separate from Johor

  • +5000 infantry in the capital province
  • +3000 cavalry in the same province
  • +1 base tax value in the capital province
  • Centralization +1
  • +100 gold